Healthy connections provide for relationships wherein we feel integrated, empowered, and validated. When these connections are damaged we can suffer physical pain, social isolation, instability and internal fragmentation. It’s at these times, a supportive advocate can assist in repairing damaged or lost connections through a therapeutic rapport. Our work is done in relationship with you, exploring how stress, trauma, addiction or disease has impacted your connections and deciding which ones need to be repaired to restore balance to your life. Fostering safety, dignity, and transparency within the therapeutic alliance, we hope to assist in strengthening the underpinnings of all other relationships.

Integrating all experiences with compassion and respect is our ideal goal.


At Grow in Motion, we offer a wide menu of evidence-based modalities from traditional CBT to expressive arts therapy. This range of practice allows us to custom fit treatment to meet individual needs rather than a one-size fits all approach.

Grow in Motion also offers couples and family therapy to repair and support significant relationships. Because we all live in connection with others, it is oftentimes imperative that we engage those significant others in the healing process. Gabrielle has extensive experience working with couples and families to address issues ranging from poor communication, parental alienation, and divorce, to domestic violence, incarceration, illness and death.

Individual, couples or family therapy is available either weekly or bi-weekly based on the level of care required. Gabrielle offers both in-person and Telehealth appointments for your convenience.

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Gabrielle has offered training in a multitude of settings including in-patient psychiatry, residential care, foster care agencies and private practice. She is available to train both in-person or virtually. She can customize training to meet the needs of any agency or business.

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Gabrielle has extensive experience facilitating groups in diverse settings including in-patient psychiatric hospitals, out-patient community mental health, long-term residential care, in addition to her own private practice. Gabrielle has provided groups in the following areas:

  • Stress reduction and self-care
  • PTSD and Vicarious Trauma
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Restorative Practices

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